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Let's get to know me

Since I was a child, I have always been drawn to spirituality. From astrology to tarot cards, palm readings to communicating with spirits, I’ve explored it all. I’ve often questioned my existence, pondering who I am and the consciousness within this human vessel. What is my purpose here? Little did I know that my path would lead me to become a healer, helping others remember their true selves, transforming lives, and raising the frequency of our beloved planet.

Growing up, I experienced a great deal of trauma, carrying within me feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness, and a sense of being unlovable. I always felt like the outsider, no matter where I went. I was born in China, and when I was just three years old, my father went abroad to Ivory Coast. After my father left, my mother placed me in boarding school so she could focus on her job. I felt disconnected from both of them, left with a profound sense of loneliness, abandonment, and an overwhelming feeling of being unworthy of love. Eventually, my mother also left to join my father in Ivory Coast, and they divorced when I was eight. I never felt safe to express myself, as I had no one I could trust to confide in about my innermost feelings. My inner child felt broken and deeply hurt.

During my childhood, I also experienced sexual assaults, which heightened my sense of insecurity and vigilance. I felt immense shame about these experiences and never disclosed them to anyone as a child. When I was twelve, my mother brought me to Canada. However, I didn’t feel safe with her, as she had been absent throughout my entire childhood. There was a disconnect between us, and I never had the mother-daughter bond I longed for. In addition to this, being in a foreign country without fluency in English caused me to shut down my voice once again. I refrained from speaking much in school, fearing ridicule from other children due to my limited English skills and accent. I was always the quiet one in class, rarely uttering a word. Deep down, I was scared and afraid of being mocked for my English and accent. This trauma continued to haunt me in my adult life, leaving me terrified to express myself, share my voice, and speak up.

As time passed, I carried the weight of my trauma with me, existing in a physical reality where I sought material possessions to fill the void within. In 2021, I found myself feeling lost, frustrated, scared, uncertain, anxious, trapped, unfulfilled, and stuck in a passionless corporate job. The light at the end of the tunnel seemed invisible, and my job began to deteriorate my mental health. Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks became a part of my daily experience. I questioned my purpose in life, and at one point, even contemplated suicide. It was the lowest point I had ever reached.

Then, by pure chance, I stumbled upon a podcast called “Rise and Conquer,” featuring a guest who was a meditation teacher. They spoke about the transformative power of meditation, and I thought, why not give it a try? So I began meditating every day, and with each passing day, I felt a positive shift within. A sense of stillness and peace embraced me. Soon after, I established a morning routine that involved affirmations, chi gong, meditation, and journaling my gratitudes. As I delved deeper into my meditation practice, I couldn’t help but turn my focus inward.

It was during this introspection that I realized my childhood trauma resurfacing: feelings of loneliness, emptiness, a lack of love, and a sense of abandonment. I discovered that this deep sadness had been a constant companion throughout my life. The trauma had made me feel perpetually alone, as if it was me against the world. To protect myself, I had built walls to keep others at a distance, preventing anyone from truly knowing the real me, the vulnerable Tracey. But then, I made a decision to heal.

I began exploring various energy healing modalities such as Reiki, chakra balancing, Eden Energy Medicine, sound healing, breathwork, and yoga. It was during my search for Kundalini yoga that I stumbled upon KAP (Kundalini Activation Process). After watching a video of Master Venant Wong transmitting Kundalini energy to participants, I was captivated by their cathartic experiences. Without hesitation, I booked a KAP session for myself.

During my first KAP session, I experienced a profound emotional release as all the pent-up sadness surfaced. Repressed emotions poured out of me, and this became a catalyst for my healing journey. Regularly attending KAP sessions, I began to feel a sense of oneness, a deep connection with the universe, and an overwhelming gratitude for life. I continued to grow and improve from within.

It became evident to me that our inner world shapes our outer world, and this truth resonated deeply. As I healed, I observed many others still burdened by their past experiences, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts. A desire awakened within me to help people heal and transform their lives. I realized that feeling better is not only possible but should be the norm. Living a life filled with magic can be our default setting. With each exploration of KAP, I expand my knowledge, constantly learn, and continue to grow. It was at this point that I discovered my true calling: to become a KAP facilitator and guide others on their healing journeys.

And then I heard the call of Mother Ayahuasca, leading me to Peru in the heart of the Amazon jungle. There, I sat with her in three powerful ceremonies and received profound insights. It became clear to me that my purpose is to raise the vibration of Gaia, which solidified my desire to become a KAP facilitator. My mission is to awaken humanity and help them remember their true essence.

Mother Ayahuasca urged me to surrender, to embrace the beautiful unfolding of life and trust in the divine plan. Becoming a KAP facilitator has given me the opportunity to use my voice to impact others, and I am filled with immense gratitude for this. Along my journey, I have encountered beautiful souls who have crossed my path. I can feel my throat chakra opening up, releasing the blockages I carried from childhood. This connection to my soul allows me to express myself authentically, and I have even experienced the awakening of my light language, a truly liberating experience.

This is just the beginning of my story. As I continue to heal, expand, grow, learn, and evolve, I remain devoted to my mission of awakening souls and raising the vibration of our planet. While Kundalini Activation Process is gaining popularity in other parts of the world, it is still relatively new and unknown in Canada. I am committed to spreading awareness of the transformative benefits of this practice and I invite you to join me on this beautiful journey.